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At W(her)thy, we are dedicated to reminding women that they are worthy, enough, and loved by God. Our mission is to empower women to embrace their worthiness and faith, and to love themselves unconditionally. Through our community, resources, and social media, we aim to create a supportive and uplifting space for women to connect and grow.

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Join our community group designed to empower women through faith and personal growth. Connect with like-minded women and embrace your true worth.

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Find strength and support in our reccomended resources.  Grow in faith, love,and acceptance of your self with these well loved books, videos, & more.


Check out our blog. Written by a diverse group of women to remind you you are not alone in your experiences and you are worthy!


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Discover the power of faith and community at W(her)thy. Connect with us to start your journey towards embracing your worthiness, enoughness, and God's love.